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Town Development Structure (all in accordance with Japanese standards)


Utilizing the latest principles of urban planning, sustainable (green town) landscaping, and cutting-edge design of buildings and facilities, MT will be based on the Smart City concept and surrounded with man-made natural greenery to create an environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing setting.


Recycled material will be mostly used for horizontal and vertical (both low-rise and high-rise) construction work.


(All renewable energy will be used)

For its electricity, water, waste management, and communications needs, the town will feature a solar plant and windmill energy, clean-tech waste management, and the late King Bhumibhol Adulyadej’s celebrated “monkey cheek” method will be applied to the water management system inside the town.


Comprehensive logistics management as well as door-to-door delivery services (including suitcase delivery to and from the airports/seaports) and COD--cash on delivery) will be carried out by one of Japanese’s biggest transport companies from all transportation hubs worldwide and also within the town. 


(Intelligent Transporation and Traffice System, ITS)

Access within the town and to and from other locations will be based on the ITS and all vehicles (trains, vehicles, bicycles, tricycles) inside the town will be run on electricity and renewable energy. The main access channel to the town from other parts of Pathumthani Province and Bangkok is currently under discussion with different stakeholders. Three options are being considered and explored; 

  1. A single track train (monorail running on the ground without a driver);

  2. An electric motor-operated train such as BTS;

  3. A Mag-Lev (magnetic levitation) or Linear Motor- operated train similar to the Linimo used at the Aichi World Expo 2005 as a commuter train running 8.9 kms from Fujigaoka Station to Nagakute City. 


As the manager of the town, GCD will screen and select residents and business partners and investors who will live, work and conduct business in the MT. We will apply “the Expo Committee” management system to manage the town: all stakeholders are official partners who will either have a joint venture with GCD or are hired by GCD. Rental fees and “royalty fees” (GP) will be collected from business establishments. 

Residents will be placed in our residential property on a 15-year lease contract which is renewable. When the lease ends, for residents who become semi-dependent, GCD’s partner will provide nursing home services on site for those who cannot afford  to renew the lease, while caretakers will be dispatched for those who choose to renew the lease and continue to live in the same apartment. GCD and its financial institution official partner will co-manage the residents’ pension funds through a special lifelong wellness program created to assure the residents of food and board when they become physically less active or eventually entirely dependent.


Volunteer activities, group activities, study tours outside the town, and other activities will be co-managed and operated between GCD and its residents.

An international security system and patrolling of the town will be implemented together among GCD, its residents, and local partners.

Risk and crisis management plans will be implemented both during normal conditions and in emergency situations

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