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Since the town is designed to become a model town that focuses on the quality of life and sustainable development, GCD will play the role of screening and selecting products and services that must meet the Japanese standard. These include products and services that provide for life necessities, other life-supporting leisure establishments, and educational, research, and training centers. These include: 1) accommodation (different types of apartments, houses, condominiums  hotel), 2) a shopping mall/department store that offers products such as clothing and services that meet with the target group’s preferences and lifestyles: 3) supermarkets, restaurants and food establishments (local and international); 4) a holistic health center (nursing home, hospital, onsen or hot spring, massage place, sports club); 5) entertainment facilities (movie theatre, community and cultural activity hall); 6) educational, training and research centers run by the residents and GCD; and 7) office rental spaces for both local and foreign investors (Japanese and other nationalities), businesses, and entrepreneurs. 

In addition to all high-standard facilities and infrastructure that the town will provide to its residents and business entrepreneurs, MT will also provide financial management services to help the residents with their pension fund management,  guaranteeing its residents of accommodation, healthcare, nursing home service, and medical services when they become semi-dependent or later completely dependent. Residents of MT can be certain that their well-being will be taken care of from the day they move into the town until the last day of their life. 

MT also is designing and providing “active-aging” activity programs that focus on  creating a “better quality of life” for the residents and building community spirit throughout the town.

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The exchange (inflow and outflow) of capital comes through the investment opportunities that GCD will create for: 1) foreign and local businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to start their business in MT or in Thailand. Since one of GCD’s main services includes business matching (B to B), GCD provides a one-stop service to support foreign (especially Japanese) investment start-up and business expansion. These services range from helping our foreign businesses with strategic planning for business start-up and the company registration process, to finding local partners that match with what our foreign clients need to start or grow their business; 2) listed Thai companies who may need to have a Japanese business partner to help them expand their business either by increasing their market share in Japan and other countries or locating business funding sources.

GCD’s role in MT is to screen, mobilize, and dispatch professional pensioners to help with the development of Thailand. Residents of MT will serve as “coach and advisor” for the local community in several development projects planned by GCD with the cooperation of public and private organizations. These professionals will not only teach, coach and advise the local colleagues but will also work together with them by participating in our volunteer activity programs. Through working together, knowledge, know-how and skills will be transferred and passed on to each other, and as our residents work with local partners, they learn about Thai culture and its values while sharing the Japanese work ethic, discipline, and cultural values as well. 

GCD will invite youth leaders, students, and youngsters from nationwide local communities, and also local politicians and bureaucrats to visit MT and participate in a “city tour” study program to observe and learn how MT is managed and operated by the residents themselves, with the support of GCD. 

GCD will also allocate part of its MT project profits to set up a foundation that supports the study tour program and volunteer activities conducted between the town residents and citizens in different part of Thailand.

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