will be an innovative and sustainable town established to promote international cooperation and sustainable development,.

It is a town located in the Greater Bangkok region that will be a culturally diversified, socially interdependent, safe, caring and economically sustainable “city” in Thailand.

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A: The Government of Thailand

MT is going to be a landmark town that nobody has ever seen in Thailand or anywhere before, since its management and operation will focus on the concept of a sustainable city, while its physical environment is a smart green town. The MT concept  will be copied to accommodate not only Japanese retirees but also the Thai retirees who will become an even bigger group, as the greying society is also an alarming trend in Thailand.

The Government of Thailand will benefit from corporate tax collection as foreign business thrives and investment grows, since Japanese corporations will find it more cost-effective when running their businesses if the human resource cost is reduced.

Furthermore, by hiring Japanese retirees to be consultants and advisors and working with  Thai officials, the Government of Thailand and its civil servants will have an opportunity to learn from the Japanese retirees who have been the “brains” and “trend-setters” of Japan, rebuilding the economy of modern Japan after World War II. By hiring Japanese retirees to work as consultants and advisors for government agencies, the lively exchange of professional knowledge, information, and culture will undoubtedly strengthen and deepen the two countries’ bilateral relationship and contribute to the better development of the Thai governance system in the long run. Since each retiree will receive his pension from the Government of Japan, the Thai Government will benefit from this Japanese Government “subsidy” because they can compensate the retirees at a rate that is in line with the Thai Civil Service compensation scheme. For several decades, the Government of Thailand has encouraged Thai public officials to visit developed countries, especially Japan, on study tours to learn about the new standard of development in various fields in Japan. With MT, the Government can dispatch its officials to have a study tour inside Thailand and learn how this model town is being managed and operated by adhering to Japanese standards.

Since MT will be developed as a smart green town, new technology that supports it will be imported and introduced to Thailand. This includes the Japanese way of waste management, control of pollution, usage of renewable energy, and logistics management, just to name a few. Also, high technology used in transportation systems such as the Mag-Lev (Linear Motor train) are being considered by GCD to help with the development of train and track technology in Thailand and MT can be the first place that tests and proves this innovative technology.


B: Thai corporations and local Thai businesses

Some of the residents in MT can work on a part-time basis in Thai corporations that target Japanese clients: in these collaborative venture, , knowledge and know-how get transferred directly. Many Thai corporations can learn about the Japan’s strong work ethic and professionalism, which in the long run help with the advancement of the Thai business community. 

In the real estate field, MT will set a new standard for all real estate developers and urban planners when they develop their properties. It will serve as a model town that current and new developers can learn about and apply the knowledge gained to develop their own real estate properties. When GCD and its partners complete the development of JTMT, we will turn ourselves into a coach/ mentor and an investor (in some cases) for local developers who wish to create a similar town to embody sustainable development. GCD believes that the more sustainable cities are being developed, the better it is for the environment, the country, and the world. Local developers can generate more revenues and profits and employment which help sustain the national economy and carry on the late King’s many legacies to build a self-sufficiency economy, with sustainable and human development goals identical to the UN Millennium/Sustainable Development Goals.  


Local Thai business, Thai people, and people of the AEC will also certainly benefit by having many more career choices that come with Japanese investment, bringing more opportunities for employment, career advancement, and human development growth.


C: Thai society and community

Economically, the benefits that come with the exchange of products and services will provide many potential investment returns and employment opportunities for local business communities. With a considerable number of retirees living in the town, both local and Japanese business investors will recognize MT to be a  potential source for business development through providing goods and services that cater to the needs of the retirees.

Socially and culturally, both the Thai community and the Japanese retirees will learn from each other as they work and conduct activities together.


And since MT will serve as a model of sustainability, local youth leaders, students, government officials and people from all walks of life will be invited to visit our town and hear lectures, receive training, and participate in activities that our residents will conduct together with the visitors. Our residents will also visit local communities in different parts of the country and advise on projects that the visitors may initiate in their hometowns or communities after visiting MT. 

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