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in JTMT and who interact with our residents and business entrepreneurs?

Since the Town is developed to become a model sustainable town that focuses on the quality of life and sustainable development, GCD plays the role of screening and selecting products and services that must meet with Japanese standard.


These include products and services that provide four life necessities, other life supporting leisure establishments, and educational, research and training centers. These include,

1) accommodation (different types of apartments, houses, condominium, hotel)

2) shopping mall/department store that caters products such as clothing and services that meet with the target group’s preference and life style

3) supermarkets, restaurants and food establishments (local and International)

4) a holistic health center (nursing homes, hospital, onsen or hot spring, massage place, sport club)

5) entertainment facilities (movie theatre, community and cultural activity hall)

6) educational, training and research centers run by the residents and GCD

7) office rental spaces for both local and foreign investors (Japanese and other nationalities), business and entrepreneurs.

In addition to all high standard facilities and infrastructure that the Town provides to its residents and business entrepreneurs, JTMT provides financial management service to help the residents with their pension fund management which shall guarantee its resident of accommodation, healthcare, nursing home, and medical service when they become semi-dependent and completely dependent accordingly. Residents of JTMT can be certain that their wellbeing and life will be taken care of from the day they move into the Town till the last day of their life.


JTMT also designs and provides “active-aging” activity programs that focus on and aim at creating a “better” quality of life” for the residents and all residents are required to participate in the programs.

JTMT as the center for an exchange of information, (transfer of knowledge, know-how, technology and skills)

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